ZTE Energy's ultra-thin-wall stainless steel seamless pipe enters the civil water pipe market
Views:  Update Date: Apr 10,2021
A few days ago, the after-sales team of ZTE Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited by Shanghai Tomson to go to the installation site of the ultra-thin stainless steel seamless tap water pipe. This marks the successful "nuclear-to-civilization" of the product under the background of "dual cycle", and it has entered the large civilian market.

Last month, the 0.2mm ultra-thin-wall stainless steel seamless pipe developed by ZTE officially rolled off the production line. This is a major breakthrough in the field of stainless steel seamless pipe production and has a broad prospect for the civilian market.

Zhu Weifei, deputy general manager of ZTE Corporation, introduced that ultra-thin seamless stainless steel pipes have been imported from the United States for a long time because of their high process control precision. The price is high. After the pipeline broke through the technical barriers and realized localization, the price dropped by more than half, saving the country about 4 billion foreign exchange every year.

The ultra-thin-wall stainless steel seamless pipes developed and produced by ZTE Corporation will focus on the civil markets such as water pipes and gas transmission pipes, and strive to make people affordable and make their lives more green and environmentally friendly.

As a powerful company, ZTE Energy Equipment Co. has been a outstanding sample for contributing to society.