Personnel transfer of steel companies
:  : Jul 23,2021

Today I will take you to take a look at a new "temperature" story, and take this opportunity to learn with you about the transfer of personnel in our steel companies since June.

Chongqing Iron and Steel issued an announcement on the evening of July 7 that the board of directors elected Zhang Wenxue as the chairman of the company's eighth board of directors for the same term as the eighth board of directors. Prior to this, on the evening of July 5, Chongqing Iron & Steel issued an announcement stating that due to work adjustments, Liu Jianrong had resigned as chairman, director and special committees of the board of directors.
On July 20, the 41st meeting of the 8th Board of Directors of Chongqing Iron and Steel was held in written form. The meeting was proposed by Chairman Zhang Wenxue and the 9th Board of Directors election was proposed to nominate Zhang Wenxue, Song Dean, Xie Zhixiong, Lai Xiaomin and Zou Six people, An and Zhou Ping, are candidates for non-independent directors of the ninth board of directors of the company.
   On the same day, the 27th meeting of the 8th Board of Supervisors of Chongqing Iron & Steel was held in writing. This meeting was proposed by Mr. Wu Xiaoping, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, to nominate Wu Xiaoping, Li Huaidong and Zhu Xing'an as candidates for non-employee representative supervisors of the 9th Board of Supervisors.

Passing down from generation to generation, I believe that both the past sensible and the new successors will do their job wholeheartedly, and we will carry forward our steel business and work hard.