The forming process of the oval tube.
:  : Jul 21,2021
The bending process of the stainless steel elliptical tube is plastic deformation accompanied by elastic deformation. After removing the external force, the bending radius of the pipe increases, the angle increases, and the bending die radius R is smaller than the product radius.
The bending method of the stainless steel elliptical tube generally adopts the cam principle method. The result of how many times the cam principle method is used to process the multi-arc thin-walled stainless steel elliptical tube has been verified by everyone. Everyone has heard of the cam. The camshaft rotates, the follower and the cam contour are connected correctly, and the follower performs reciprocating motion.
According to this principle: as long as 5 arcs are designed on a mold, and the length of the center layer of each arc is equal to the length of the center layer of the product arc (because the R on the mold with greater springback is smaller than the R on the product), The mold is the center of the arc with a large included angle as the center of rotation. The follower is a cylinder. Because of the compressibility of the gas and the pressure relief valve can be used to adjust the pressure, if the bending pressure is large, the double force cylinder can be used. , The cylinder rod is connected to the curved roller seat, and there is a guide rail under the roller seat. The key factors affecting the wrinkling of the oval tube are the bending speed and the lining material of the oval tube. How to control the bending speed? The proportional flow valve can be used to control the forward and backward speed of the main cylinder. When the bending radius R of the object is small, the speed control should be appropriate.