Multi Alloys to merge with EMV Africa
:  : Apr 06,2021

  Special alloys company Multi Alloys will merge with EMVAfrica to become a specialised division of the stainless steel products and valves company on May 1.

     The merged businesses will give EMVAfrica a widened and enhanced range of long products, from the ferritic and austenitic range, including the Duplex range, of stainless steels, to nickel-based alloys, titanium-based alloys and some copper-based alloys.

     Multi Alloys also provides a range of stock plate products with pre-cut sizes available and some which can be cut to specific sizes to meet customer requirements. It also supplies castings in the alloys listed with centrifugal castings a further strength.

This wider range of products add to the already strong foothold that EMVAfrica has in the valves market.


     "Multi Alloys shall become a specialised and focused division of EMVAfrica with the firm objective of continuing to develop and enhance the special alloy offering to Southern Africa. The emphasis shall remain focused on supplying solutions for our customers with quality corrosion and heat resistant metal alloys by providing locally available stock in addition to our strong worldwide supply links that are well established," says Multi Alloys director and founding shareholder Ken Perel.

      EMV Africa has been a major shareholder in Multi Alloys and the two businesses have worked in close association since 1997.

Perel, a metallurgist by profession who started his career in the metals supply industry in 1981, will remain part of the executive team to oversee the transition to EMV Africa.

      EMV Africa directors Hugh Whitty and Fiona Jacobs will remain, as will EMVAfrica director and CEO Graham Whitty.

Further, Multi Alloys will not change its location, its service offering or value proposition, and will continue to operate under its name.