steel cost still exists, and the margin of supply and demand is loose
:  : Mar 29,2021
It is expected that the domestic 300 series supply is expected to increase slightly in March, while the demand of steel mills for warehouse delivery will slow down, and the supply side's early tight state may gradually change if the warehouse receipt resources will continue to flow out, and the demand side will add the recovery of overseas demand again, driving the increase of China's stainless steel export demand

Domestic ferronickel supply may face rapid decline of ore supply, resulting in short-term mismatch of ferronickel supply and demand; the supply margin of ferrochrome may be further tightened, and the quotation of overseas high carbon ferrochrome is still higher than that of domestic. Cost driven will be the biggest uncertainty in the stainless steel market in March, which may drive the price center to continue to rise in March, while the contradiction between supply and demand may tend to ease

1. EU launched anti-dumping subsidy investigation on cold-rolled stainless steel sheets from India and Indonesia

On February 17, the Executive Committee of the European Union announced through the official gazette that it would launch a countervailing investigation on cold rolled stainless steel sheets in India and Indonesia. The investigation was applied by Eurofer on behalf of local stainless steel manufacturers.

2. During the Spring Festival, Guangdong Hongwang and Guangdong Yongjin run at full capacity

According to market news, during the Spring Festival, Guangdong Hongwang took the measure of "no holiday in the factory and no shutdown in the production line" to carry out full load production with a daily production rate of 4000 tons of stainless steel coils. At the same time, Guangdong Yongjin company can produce more than 1300 tons of stainless steel plate every day. Both enterprises are in full operation.

3. India suspends countervailing duty on stainless steel coils from China

On February 1, 2021, the tax bureau of the Ministry of finance of India announced that from February 2, 2021 to September 30, 2021, the countervailing duty on hot rolled and cold rolled stainless steel flat products originating in or imported from China will be suspended.

4. The 850mm cold rolling project of qingtuo technology was put into operation

On January 26, 2021, the 20 high cold rolling mill of 850mm stainless steel precision strip designed by China Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. was successfully tested. The first roll of stainless steel was qualified. Qingtuo cold rolling technology 850mm stainless steel precision strip 20 high cold rolling mill is mainly used for the production of high precision and extremely thin stainless steel strip. The maximum speed of the mill is 600m / min, and the thickness of the thinnest product is 0.07mm.