Minutes of East China Cold Rolling Conference in October-How do you look at stainless steel prices in the fourth quarter?
:  : Oct 23,2021

Since October, the price of stainless steel has opened up and down. The market has entered a period of turbulence and adjustment. Steel mills have limited production and resumed production. What will happen to the price of stainless steel in the future? How about export orders? How about downstream demand? May wish to listen to what the stainless steel industry leaders and elites say!

In terms of current ferrochrome production, due to a large amount of rainfall after the landing of a typhoon in the south, hydroelectric power generation in Guangxi has rebounded, alleviating the lack of power in the early stage, but the sustainability is limited. The situation of high chromium production in Inner Mongolia has improved significantly, and some of the factories that stopped production in the early stage have gradually recovered after the National Day. However, the power supply gap problem has not been completely resolved, and continuous tracking is required.

In the later stage, the price of ferrochrome may be in a downward channel due to the recovery of short-term ferrochrome production, the rebound of imports, and the sharp decline in demand. Due to the rainy season in the Philippines, nickel prices are high and domestic inventories are low, and prices are relatively strong.

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