According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the monthly metal index of North American stainless steel fell by 1.9% in October.
:  : Oct 21,2021
North American Stainless Steel (NAS) has increased 304, 304L and 316L from October 1, and the discount has been reduced by two percentage points. For 304, this is an increase of approximately $0.0350/lb.

North American Stainless (NAS) has increased the 430 and other 200 and 300 series by reducing the discount by 3 points. Non-430 ferrite will increase by 0.04 USD/lb, which makes the total increase in 2021 USD 0.31/lb.

In addition, alloy surcharges increased in October. North American stainless steel (NAS) 304 alloy surcharge in October was 1.0641 US dollars / pound, a decrease of 0.0038 US dollars / pound from September.

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