Qinghai's electricity curtailment is strictly enforced, and the high chromium plant has cut production by more than half!
:  : Oct 13,2021
On October 9, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the Qinghai Power Grid's orderly electricity usage notice this winter and next spring, and issued an orderly electricity usage plan. The orderly electricity use policy will be implemented from October 10th.


As a high-energy, high-emission high-chromium production enterprise, it has once again become an important target for electricity curtailment. According to the feedback from high-chromium factories, some high-chromium factories have reduced production by 75% due to the impact of electricity curtailment. A local company produces tens of thousands of tons of high-carbon chromium per month. Iron producers said that October's high chromium output is expected to be only about 3,000 tons.


According to the situation learned recently, the output of high chromium in Qinghai in September was around 30,000 tons. If the power cut continues in October, the overall decline in local high chromium output will be greater.

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