Foreign media: The new high of ferrochrome will prompt the price of stainless steel to rise further!
:  : Oct 08,2021
According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the purchase price of Japan's stainless steel raw material ferrochrome has risen further due to the tight supply and demand caused by power and production restrictions in China, the main producing area.

Nippon Steel Stainless and a resource company that has a presence in South Africa have finalized an agreement. The import price of ferrochrome to Japan during October-December 2021 per pound (1 pound=0.45359237 kg) is higher than that of the previous season (July-September 2021). ) Increased by 24 cents (an increase of about 15%) to 188 cents, a 13-year high (since October-December 2008).

The increase in the purchase price of ferrochromium may be the reason for the further increase in the price of stainless steel plate.


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