"One box is hard to find", China-US shipping prices have risen by 500%! The giant announces the freezing of freight rates
:  : Sep 16,2021

In the recent period, the phenomenon that the price of ocean freight between China and the United States has soared has aroused widespread concern!

According to the Global Container Freight Index, as of the 12th, the shipping prices of China/Southeast Asia-West Coast of North America and China/Southeast Asia-East Coast of North America continued to rise slightly, both exceeding the US$20,000 mark.

There are less than 15 companies that produce containers in the world, and they are basically concentrated in China. Even if the domestic production is now maximized, it is not enough to meet the market's demand for containers. Now the number of containers is limited, and the containers needed for global shipping are basically rented, and the rent is extremely expensive. Now the containers shipped from China to the United States cannot be recovered in time, which leads to a shortage of containers in ocean logistics. With fewer containers, there are still a large number of products that need to be shipped to the United States. Many freight companies can only choose the higher price. The price of container transportation continues to rise.

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