Many steel plants including Taiyuan Iron and Steel won the 2021 Metallurgical Science and Technology Award
:  : Sep 01,2021

A few days ago, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association and the Metallurgical Science and Technology Award Committee of the China Metals Society announced the list of the 2021 Metallurgical Science and Technology Award winning projects. Among them, the projects of many steel plants such as Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. have won awards.

The list of winners shows:

Three projects including "carbon dioxide green clean steelmaking technology and application" completed by Beijing University of Science and Technology, Jiugang Hongxing, Shougang, Tianjin Pipe, Taishan Iron and Steel have won special prizes;

"Development of high-quality stainless steel manufacturing technology and varieties for nuclear power" completed by Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and "Tellurium-containing high-end special steel completed by Shanghai University, Xinxing Casting Pipe, Panchang Special, Qingshan Iron and Steel, etc." 21 projects including the development and application of metallurgical process technology won the first prize;

32 projects including "Key Surface Quality Control Technology for High-quality Alloy Steel Castings" completed by Central South University, Xiangtan Iron and Steel, Guangqing Metal Technology and other units won the second prize;

The "R&D and application of the key technology of integrated flexible production of cold-rolled stainless steel strip rolling and unwashing" completed by Guangxi Beigang New Materials Company, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Engineering Technology Company, Prime and other units, and completed by Northeast Special Steel, Gangyan Gaona and other units. 57 projects including the development and engineering of domestic nickel-based alloy GH4202 for aerospace liquid oxygen kerosene engine ""High-quality, high-carbon, lanthanum-containing deformed superalloy material key technology research and application" won the third prize.

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