TISCO launches carbon footprint accounting for major products such as stainless steel
:  : Aug 27,2021

On August 25, on the occasion of the National Low Carbon Day, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group held a kick-off meeting for the carbon footprint calculation project of major products such as stainless steel. TISCO Carbon Neutrality Office, relevant functions and business departments, and supervisors and personnel of relevant units of TISCO Stainless attended the meeting. The holding of the kick-off meeting marked the official start of the carbon footprint calculation of major products such as stainless steel of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group.

The meeting required that all relevant units should fully understand the importance of low-carbon to the development of enterprises, appoint elite troops, organize earnestly in accordance with the project plan, and carry out pre-training and data collection to ensure the steady progress of the project.

In order to actively respond to the country’s call for “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, implement China’s Baowu “dual-carbon” work arrangements, and enhance the domestic and international competitiveness of major products such as stainless steel of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, the Carbon Neutrality Office of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group organizes The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, Marketing Center, Technology Center and other departments and units carefully discussed and preliminarily determined to carry out the LCA carbon footprint calculation work of five categories of products represented by austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic stainless steel. The project was implemented by Shanghai E-Carbon Data Technology Co., Ltd., and China Baowu Central Research Institute provided technical guidance and review.

The head of TISCO's Carbon Neutrality Office emphasized that low carbon is closely related to our work and life, and is also an important factor affecting the survival and development of enterprises in the future. TISCO, as a platform company for the integrated operation of China’s Baowu stainless steel industry, shoulders the important task of becoming a global leader in the stainless steel industry. According to China Baowu’s “Strive to achieve the peak of carbon in 2023, and strive to reduce carbon by 30% in 2035, Striving to achieve the green and low-carbon goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, we must deeply explore green manufacturing technologies, be a pioneer in carbon peaking, carbon emission reduction, and carbon neutrality, and take the lead in leading the low-carbon development of the stainless steel industry; it must be scientifically formulated for 2023 The path of carbon peaking, the overall planning and determination of a 30% carbon reduction roadmap in 2035, the completion of the carbon peaking and carbon emission reduction plan decomposition and implementation.