Songyang launches a comprehensive "major physical examination" for lifting machinery in the stainless steel industry
:  : Aug 24,2021

Songyang County, Lishui City is a national-level stainless steel pipe industry quality improvement demonstration zone and a stainless steel pipe industry base in Zhejiang Province. There are 53 stainless steel pipe manufacturers. At present, there are 1261 cranes in use under the supervision of the special equipment catalog, accounting for about 45% of the total number of special equipment in the county. In order to further implement the main safety responsibilities of the crane users, reduce accidents, and ensure the safe use of cranes, the Songyang County Market Supervision Bureau has carried out a six-month comprehensive "major physical examination" of cranes in the stainless steel industry.
       It is understood that this time, a carpet inspection of stainless steel enterprises and lifting equipment was carried out, focusing on the inspection of main parts such as anti-decoupling devices, steel wire ropes, rope guides, and height double limiters, lifting weight limiters, Anti-collision devices and other safety protection devices have dealt with outstanding safety hazards such as inadequate implementation of main responsibilities, poor conditions of lifting machinery and equipment, and serious missing parts and accessories. Law enforcement officers have adopted the method of forcibly discontinuing equipment, forcing companies to carry out comprehensive rectification. .
      Up to now, a total of 41 stainless steel pipe manufacturers have been inspected, 893 cranes have been investigated, and 765 have been "physical examination" qualified equipment, of which the installation rate of double height limiters for cranes, which is planned to be included in the key rectification content, has reached 65 % Above.


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