Zhanjiang Customs: Helping the development of bonded iron ore business of Zhanjiang Port
:  : Aug 23,2021

Recently, under the supervision of Zhanjiang Customs, the 400,000-ton-class "Ore Zhanjiang" and "Mingshang" vessels full of bonded iron ore have successfully berthed at the bulk cargo terminal of Zhanjiang Port, and the location resources of the 400,000-ton ore terminal in Zhanjiang Port The advantages have been further released, providing a strong engine for the development of Zhanjiang's iron ore bonded business.

"Using 400,000 tons of large ships to transport, compared with the traditional transportation mode of ships of less than 300,000 tons, can save enterprises more than 10% of comprehensive logistics costs, and will attract more international ore to gather in Zhanjiang Port, which will help us develop our iron ore bonded business. To a good promotion", the relevant person in charge of Zhanjiang Port introduced.

In order to effectively utilize the advantages of Zhanjiang Port as a distribution center for the import and export of goods in the central and western regions of China, Zhanjiang Customs focuses on serving the bonded logistics storage and simple processing of imported iron ore, and supports the development of the bonded iron ore business of Zhanjiang Port Group by setting up 248,000 square meters of storage. Establish bonded warehouses for imported iron ore, implement intensive management of bonded supervision sites; innovate bonded supervision models, explore the development of diversified, multi-country, multi-grade iron ore bonded simple processing business, and support Zhanjiang Port to undertake the transfer of international iron ore production capacity , Promote the re-export business in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, implement measures such as "first release before inspection", "whole ship declaration, batch withdrawal" and other measures to speed up corporate business processing, and study and solve the difficulties encountered by companies in regulating declarations, tax policies, inspection and supervision, etc. Point question. It effectively guaranteed the stable supply of ore resources and radiated the surrounding markets. Iron ore imports achieved steady and orderly growth. From January to July this year, 4.746 million tons of bonded iron ore was imported, a year-on-year increase of 89.6%, and a total of 2,086.2 simple iron ore processing was carried out. 10,000 tons, serving 26 steel mills for end customers.

The person in charge of the Enterprise Management Office of Zhanjiang Customs stated, “In the next step, we will continue to combine party history learning and education, steadily promote the practice activities of'I do practical things for the masses', strengthen supervision and optimization services, focus on the demands and expectations of the masses of enterprises, and continuously improve our handling services. Level, and make customs contributions to support the steady growth of local foreign trade."

(Source: Guangzhou Daily)