Shandong Port Rizhao Port pioneered a new green operation process for nickel ore loading and unloading
:  : Aug 21,2021

Recently, a nickel mine dredging fleet consisting of new open-top container trucks departed from Shandong Port Rizhao Port to Linyi Lingang. This is the first application of "non-stick boxes" for nickel ore cargoes in coastal ports across the country, creating a revolutionary new technology for nickel ore loading and unloading, marking the beginning of a green era for nickel ore loading and unloading operations.

China is the world's largest importer and consumer of nickel ore, and its market potential is huge. However, the high water content and high viscosity of laterite nickel ore have brought huge difficulties to port production operations. In order to solve this industry-specific problem, Shandong Port Rizhao Port Lanshan Company took "Nickel Ore Pollution Control and Train Technology" as a tough topic for in-depth research, and innovated the "open roof non-stick + shipping isolation" process, creating "four major advantages" : 1. Good environmental protection effect 2. High loading quality 3. Fast delivery efficiency 4. Low transportation cost

Shandong Port Rizhao Port Lanshan Company will take the setting of a new benchmark for nickel ore loading and unloading as its starting point, by promoting the upgrade of open-top box rail transportation, implementing process transformations, and building a whole-process logistics system with low energy consumption, low cost, high efficiency, and environmental protection. .

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