The intelligent operation and maintenance system of slag powder equipment goes online in Anshan Iron and Steel
:  : Aug 20,2021

Recently, the first domestic intelligent operation and maintenance system for slag powder equipment was launched in Ansteel Zhongyuan Industrial Luyuan Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first domestic application of the equipment intelligent operation and maintenance system to the slag powder production line, opening up the artificial intelligence operation and maintenance model for the slag powder industry Replace the new chapter of manual inspection mode.

As early as 3 years ago, Luyuan Technology Company began to actively seek intelligent operation and maintenance solutions suitable for the characteristics of the company's equipment, and successively carried out technical exchanges and negotiations with many universities and high-end intelligent technology companies. After several technical researches and product optimizations, the project research and development team lasted more than 9 months and finally successfully completed the corresponding hardware customization and software research and development work. At present, the company has completed the installation of intelligent collection equipment for 6 slag powder production lines in Anshan and Bayuquan, and realized intelligent analysis and intelligent diagnosis of core equipment through special customized large data analysis libraries and model diagnosis algorithms, becoming the first in China. An enterprise that applies the equipment intelligent operation and maintenance system to the slag powder production line. According to reports, the intelligent operation and maintenance system can provide automatic early warning of potential equipment failures, and change equipment failure management from post-processing to pre-prevention management, which can greatly reduce the probability of major equipment accidents, greatly reduce personnel costs, and improve Corporate profitability. This move marks an important step for the company towards a smart smart factory.

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