Unexpected growth of steel mills, the market is not calm
:  : Aug 19,2021

In the morning inquiry, the mainstream price of 430 cold rolling in Wuxi market is temporarily stable, and the market is also waiting to see. After the sharp drop in the spot price, the steel mills still maintain a trend of flat prices. What should be done?


After the steel mill opened for trading in the afternoon, TISCO's guidance price of 430 cold rolling unexpectedly rose by 50 to 11,550 yuan/ton, which is quite the price? Pull up? Although the market is also very clear about the steel mills' attitude towards price increases, they are still a little caught off guard. However, it seems that they are not confident about whether the spot market will follow the rise. After all, the current inversion gap has reached about 300, and It's not easy to follow up when the transaction is not good!