Go up, go up! The price of stainless steel has finally risen
:  : Aug 09,2021

Foshan market news on August 6, 2021, today's stainless steel futures 2109 contract went red, the afternoon closing rose by 145 yuan to 19,015 yuan / ton, the position increased by 1088 hands to 54,051 hands, and the transaction was 17,096 hands. The main Shanghai nickel contract rose 2330 yuan to 145190 yuan/ton.

The stainless steel spot market finally ended a week of panic, the low price disappeared, and the mainstream price of 304 rose by about 100 yuan/ton.

In the morning, we can see that the extreme in-transit price is 19800-19900 yuan/ton, 0.92 is 20500 yuan/ton, and the goods will arrive next Monday.

However, in the market spot, in the morning, it can be seen that individual agents were shot at around 20,100 yuan/ton, and then the mainstream prices were gradually adjusted back to 20,300-20,500 yuan/ton. According to news, individual thicknesses such as 0.72 can be traded at 20,600 yuan/ton. When the market closes in the afternoon, the thickness of Delong 0.72 can also reach 20,600 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton earlier.

The market believes that although the mainstream prices have been increased by about 100 yuan/ton, the differentiation of various specifications is still large, and the transaction is mainly achieved.

When the market closes in the afternoon, it can be seen that individual agents have reported 20,300 yuan/ton for Yongjin September futures.

Other producing areas, such as Delong, Hongwang, Beigang Resources, etc., have large price gaps due to different thicknesses, and it is difficult to concentrate the mainstream base prices. From the perspective of the quotation range, they are mainly distributed at 19400-20200 yuan/ton. The current market is mainly lack of 2 suffixes, so the prices are also high.