August 6, 2021 Stainless Steel Morning Post
:  : Aug 06,2021

According to survey statistics, in July 2021, the crude steel output of domestic stainless steel enterprises above designated size was 3.015 million tons, and the output of the three series decreased month-on-month. The 200 series steel mills mainly reduced production and stopped production, and the supply declined; the 300 series production profit continued to maintain At high levels, the output of steel mills will increase sharply, but in the second half of the year will be affected by production restrictions, power restrictions and shortages of raw materials, which will affect the production schedule of the 300 series in the short term; the output of the 400 series will remain stable, and the "limited production" will continue to ferment, and the supply may continue to be closed in August. tight.

This week, the total inventory of Wuxi sample warehouse decreased by 10,400 tons to 409,400 tons. Among them: the 200 series has low profits, restricted electricity and environmental protection have become the main targets of inspections, and the inventory arrival is limited, which has dropped slightly to 43,100 tons; the 300 series is also affected by the policy and the shortage of raw materials, and the arrival is insufficient, and the inventory is insufficient. The volume has been reduced to 285,700 tons; the front-end resources of the 400 series steel mills have been significantly reduced, and the recent price increases have delivered smoothly and the transaction has been good.

Stainless steel futures maintained a fluctuating trend yesterday. The long and short factors were mainly manifested in: tight supply, strong raw material prices, and loose macro policies; high prices affected demand, uncertainty in the implementation of late-term production, and restrained speculative trading.

Yesterday, the scrap market remained weak and the downstream inquiries were positive, but the overall willingness to ship was not high. New materials for 201 were reported at 5650-5750 yuan/ton; and for 304 new materials were reported at 13000-13100 yuan/ton.