Les inondations, l'acier inoxydable du Henan Jinhui et les ressources renouvelables de Getian ont été gravement endommagés
:  : Aug 04,2021

According to official sources from Henan Getian, since July 19, Henan Getian Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. has been flooded, which has had a significant impact on the infrastructure of the park and merchants.

The Getian Scrap Steel Processing and Distribution Center is a distribution center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the largest processing base in the Central Plains. The base has large-scale crushers, large-scale baler briquetting machines, gantry shears and other processing equipment, exceeding 800,000 tons per year The stainless steel scrap and steel scrap were distributed to the steel plant through this distribution center. The flood caused serious damage to the scrap steel processing and distribution center of the department. Many sinking balers were soaked by the flood, the broken materials were washed away, and the processing equipment was damaged. The weighbridge is floating and the sensing components are damaged.

After the disaster, Getian Company also received care and material assistance from customers from all directions. Getian Company has always been honest, pragmatic and efficient as its business philosophy. It is believed that Getian will be able to achieve the fastest efficiency in the shortest possible time and properly arrange each Business, Nirvana is reborn.