Renovation and expansion of indoor warehouses, Tianjin Pipe Manufacturing Company further reduces storage costs
:  : Aug 02,2021

In order to give full play to the role of the existing indoor warehouse and further reduce the related costs of warehousing, logistics, pipe rust prevention and other related expenses, Zheng Guiying, deputy general manager of Tianjin Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., led the organization, and the Sky Pipe Production Planning Department and the rolling mill jointly took charge of the idle indoor warehouse of the rolling mill. The capacity expansion was carried out and it was officially put into use. The storage space was increased from 19 racks before the renovation to 124 racks, and the storage capacity was increased from 600 tons to about 4,000 tons, which greatly eased the storage pressure of the company’s logistics indoor warehouse. At the same time, it also provides quality assurance for pipe rust prevention and reduces storage and rust prevention and rust removal costs.

The indoor warehouse expansion and transformation not only improves the storage capacity, but also standardizes the functional positioning. It is mainly used to store short-rolled pipes, heat-treated steel pipes and pipes that need anti-rust storage. Territorial management is adopted, and the pipe rolling mill is responsible for the pipes. Storage operation operations such as warehousing, inventory, and shelf storage, achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

In order to improve the use efficiency of the library, speed up the turnover, and maximize the throughput capacity, in the initial stage of operation of the library, the general dispatching room of the production planning department combined with the production plan flow direction, and the relevant indoor library of the rolling mill jointly established a dynamic storage control mode, and organized and coordinated rolling management. Factory, tube processing plant, production and logistics department work closely together, adopt a new management system, standardize the process of entering and exiting warehouses with one truck and one card, store them in an orderly manner, and carry out strict management of the orderly loading and unloading of steel pipes. The weight of each hoist is strictly controlled to ensure safety. Under the premise, the indoor warehouse can effectively play the biggest role, increase the delivery rate and reduce the logistics and warehousing costs.