Angang Lianzhong breaks through the bottleneck of 409 stainless steel production capacity
:  : Apr 13,2021

A few days ago, it was learned from Angang Lianzhong that the company seized market opportunities and successfully developed "low-cost 409 process technology", which broke the bottleneck of 409 stainless steel production capacity and tripled the monthly output of 409 stainless steel, laying a solid foundation for the company to complete its annual production and operation goals. basis.

Since the second half of last year, the 400 series stainless steel market has continued to heat up, especially the 409 steel grade, which is widely used in automobile exhaust pipes, stamping products and other industries, and the market demand is showing a blowout state. Angang Lianzhong is market-oriented and decided to increase the production capacity of 409 stainless steel. However, as a representative steel grade of titanium-containing ferrite, 409 stainless steel is difficult to produce, and it is prone to defects such as sub-skin inclusions. At the same time, the increase in production capacity of this steel grade is also restricted by bottlenecks such as the ability to grind the billet and the lack of mature technology of the cold rolling mill.

Without affecting the output of other high-efficiency materials, how to quickly expand the production capacity of 409 stainless steel at low cost has become an urgent problem to be solved in the company's implementation of the "adjustment and efficiency enhancement" strategic path.

The company has a firm belief and is brave to innovate and develop, and quickly established a technical research team linked by a technical quality system and a production system. The team also broke the traditional process route of single-mill production, made full use of the potential of existing equipment, developed a new continuous cold-rolling process route, solved the bottleneck problem of the cold-rolling tandem mill without mature technology, and transferred the production capacity of 35,000 tons. The grade rate exceeds 95%. Effectively reduce production costs and energy consumption. A series of effective measures ensured the successful development of "low-cost 409 process technology". The application of this new process technology in production practice has achieved good results.