Stainless Steel Morning Post
:  : Jul 28,2021

Yesterday morning, 304 also rose. As stainless steel futures saw a rapid dive, the spot price of 304 was reduced by 300 yuan/ton in the afternoon. The sharp decline in prices may be related to some steel products that may be announced for export within this week (possibly (Including stainless steel) additional export duties of 15% or more are related.

Due to the high profit of 304 production, steel mills mainly produce 304, and their investment in 201 is reduced. Under the atmosphere of rising prices, the pressure on the inventory of 201 market has plummeted. Yesterday, Qingshan Hongwang opened for the second time, and 201 increased by 1,000. The mainstream of J1 market The base price is reported to 10,700 yuan/ton.

According to reports, a steel mill in East China, affected by the "environmental protection" inspection, has stopped steelmaking operations and is out of stock. In addition, the steel mill has stopped production, which may affect the later arrival of the goods.

The bidding price of Qingshan high-carbon ferrochromium rose by 2400 yuan to 10795 yuan/50 basis ton from July. "Lack of electricity and tight goods" are still the two major factors affecting the high-chromium market. However, the specifications of the goods, the supply situation and the quotation mentality of each company are different, the market transactions are scarce, and the speculation is added, and the market quotation is relatively large.