The antibacterial corrosion tube is finally here
:  : Jul 26,2021

According to reports, on July 22, Baosteel Co., Ltd. held a technical forum on microbiological corrosion resistant pipes in Chongqing. At the meeting, Baosteel, PetroChina and other large enterprises jointly unveiled the curtain on Baosteel's antibacterial corrosion pipes, and more than 30 users and experts and representatives from scientific research institutes discussed the technological improvement and development of the product.

As a new product in the field of anti-corrosion pipes in China, Baosteel's RCB products have become the "favorites" of the stainless steel industry as soon as they came out. This product fills the gap in the technical field and reaches the world's leading level. After evaluation by a third-party authoritative organization, the product greatly increases the service life of anti-corrosion pipes, effectively solves the problem of pipeline corrosion and perforation, and colleagues also avoid environmental pollution.